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From Kosmo Modules Wiki

Kosmo Modules wiki

A database of 153 Kosmo modules anyone can edit.

Look Mum No Computer's 2017 rack
Look Mum No Computer's 2017 rack

Kosmo is a format of DIY synthesizers invented by Look Mum No Computer, with a small community of builders producing their original designs. It's a lot like Eurorack, but bigger: 20 cm tall panels and big jacks. You can't buy a complete Kosmo synth anywhere: if you want one, you'll have to build it yourself! From circuits built with stripboard and 3D printed panels, to commercial kits ready to assemble, there are many ways to craft the Kosmo rack you want.


The Kosmo community is mostly found on the Look Mum No Computer forums: this is where you should direct conversations and ask for help with modules. Do not use the wiki's Discussion pages to discuss the modules themselves: the creators of the modules will not monitor them, and your questions will not be answered.

We have a wiki thread on the forums: if you are not comfortable editing this wiki, you can suggest changes there too.

Our wiki is limited to documenting Kosmo modules: general information about Synth DIY would be better contributed to the Synth DIY Wiki.

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